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Erik Cooper —  March 2, 2009 — Leave a comment

What a day! I’ve been trying to process everything that happened at our launch yesterday, but instead of hearing from me I thought I’d post some of the comments we’ve been getting from others.  Thanks to our team for what they did to make this launch possible.  We typically get the accolades, but make no mistake about the people who deserve the credit.  Team, you’re beyond amazing!

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Hi Erik and Nathan!

My boyfriend and I heard about your service on the radio – so we came today. Let me tell you that we, and a couple that we actually went to IU with (we saw them there today) – have all been looking for a church to call home. We all four found it today at City Comm. You may start having to ask people to sit on laps or lay across each other haha – bc when people try out this church, they will not be leaving. I was talking to some others that also went to the service with us and we said that we have tried SO many churches and they all are good but none of them were GREAT. We never felt that we could invite non believers to any of the churches that we have visited. I would jump at the opportunity to take someone to City Comm. I wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work you have put into this future church and more than that – thank you for being men of the Lord and wonderful servants with a heart for helping the city. I am excited to dive right into this community with a body of believers by my side from City Comm. I am so sorry that this is long – I just cannot explain how excited I am to finally find a church I can call home.

I cant even IMAGINE what went into making today happen – but I am sure glad it did.


Erik and Nathan-

I just wanted to reach out to you guys and let you know what an answer to prayer this morning was for me and to encourage you to continue in your obedience and on your path.

I have been involved in several worship bands in Indianapolis, and just resigned my most recent worship leader position in September. Since then, I have been hopping around looking for a place to land with no success. Every church i’ve gone to has either been sooo watered down that there is little chance for me to find any depth or opportunity for growth there OR so stagnant that any place that I would be able to plug in would be stifled. I have not been anywhere that I felt I could either minister or be ministered to. I had pretty much given up.

I basically quit looking and just said – Ok, God, you’re going to have to show me where to go if you want me to go anywhere because sleeping in on a Sunday morning is going to have more benefits than what I’m finding.

Then one day on Facebook, I saw your ad running down the side of my profile page. It was odd. I typically don’t even notice those and typically just phase them out. But something caught my attention and know the Holy Spirit was invovled. I clicked the link, watched your videos and did some reading and knew that God had answered my prayer. As I was doing research, I realized that a friend of mine was a facebook friend with several of those invovled with the church and so I asked her to share what she knew and began to get excitied by her words.

So, I was there this morning and was truly blessed. I really connected with God and it has been sooooo long since I’ve been able to do that. I have been jealous of friends who live out of town that have great churches and have been wondering how a city as big as Indianapolis doesn’t have anything like what they have. It was amazing to think that God loves me enough to birth City Comm in your hearts as an answer to my heart’s cry.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. See you next week!

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