Gods of Nostalgia

Erik Cooper —  March 9, 2009 — Leave a comment

“They honored and worshipped God, but not exclusively…They honored and worshipped God, but they also kept up their devotions to the old gods of the places they had come from.  And they’re still doing it, still worshipping any old god that has nostalgic appeal to them.”  (2 Kings 17:32-34 MSG)

If you’ve ever read through the Old Testament in the Bible, you probably find it funny (as I do) that people would actually make little figurines out of materials they found laying around and then worship them as a “god.”  Seems strange to our modern, western perspective.  That is, until I realize I do the exact same thing.

I can’t help but wonder, what “gods of nostalgia” am I still worshipping?  What perspectives are being driven more by memory of the past or cultural strongholds and filters?  What do I allow to drive me that isn’t God?  A relationship?  Job security?  My 401(k)?  The “American Dream?”  Religious or denominational baggage?  It’s a worthwhile question to ask yourself.

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