Out of Context

Erik Cooper —  June 8, 2009 — Leave a comment

I took the morning off to play in the Wayne Township Education Foundation golf outing.  Every June for the past 4 years I’ve gotten the chance to play golf with the current principal of my alma mater, Ben Davis High School.  I love hanging out with Mr. McKinney, but I literally only see him once a year and in this exact location and context.  If I ran into him at the grocery store without his golf shoes and hat, would I even recognize him?  Would he recognize me?  We really only contextually know one another.

I wonder how many of us only know God that way?  Maybe we recognize Him on Sunday a morning, in an auditorium full of people sitting in rows and singing songs together, when some guy stands up and reads out of the Bible.  But if we ran into Him in the mundane reality of a Tuesday afternoon, a Friday evening, at our workplace, in our home, at a restaurant, would we even take notice?  Or would we just give Him that awkward, casual “I think you look familiar” nod?

God so desperately wants to know us in every context.  He wants to relate to us in every moment, not just during a once-a-week (or month) or twice-a-year religious event.

It takes guts to allow God into the everyday.  He might mess with your normal.  But I dare you…try recognizing Him in every context.  It just might change your life.

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