85 Beautiful Cents

Erik Cooper —  August 13, 2009 — 4 Comments

Our amazing volunteer bookkeeper came by the office today and told me what may perhaps become my favorite story since the launch of City Community Church (and that’s saying something).  This past weekend as the team was counting the offering, she found a dirty little plastic bag with 85 cents in it.  Not three shiny quarters and a new nickel, but lots of filthy pennies, nickles, and dimes.  The coins were so dirty she had to soak them in Pepsi to try and clean them off before adding them to the weekly deposit.

Now there’s no way to know who put those in there (if you’re reading this and it’s you, and I totally have it wrong, my apologies).  But one of the things I’ve loved so much about this church right in the heart of downtown Indy is that we literally have homeless guys sitting next to millionaires each week.  I just have this picture of one of our homeless friends spending days collecting those coins from storm grates, sidewalks, and gutters around the downtown streets, wrapping them carefully in a recycled plastic bag, and eagerly bringing them to church this past Sunday.  Who knows?

But I do know that every penny matters to God because it’s never about the money, it’s about what the money represents in our lives.  And just like Jesus’ encounter with the poor widow who put her last pennies in the Temple box (Mark 12:41-43), these 85 beautiful cents mean as much to Him as if it were a million dollar gift.  That’s cool.

4 responses to 85 Beautiful Cents

  1. That is cool! And I love how God allows us all to participate in giving to him. What a gift!

  2. Well said, Erik. Good thing you left accounting. My calculator tells me that 3 shiny quarters and a new nickel equals 80 cents.

  3. What an incredible story. I ran across your blog while doing some work with Rod Arnold. My husband and I currently live up in Lafayette. I think we just might make a trip down to Indy soon to experience City Community Church. I’m praying for you all.

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