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Erik Cooper —  August 26, 2009 — 3 Comments

So many people I know, myself included, are unpacking their religious baggage.  Religion is that outside-in, behavioral-based, systematic approach to God that is heavy, burdensome, and overwhelming.  It sneaks in stealth, quietly transforming our passion for Christ into a subculture of rules & expectations, a way of life, instead of the Giver of life Himself.

It feels good, liberating in fact, to rekindle the truth of the Gospel…that Jesus is a person, not a system…a relationship not a religion.

But I’ve noticed something.  A natural propensity, an impulse.  As many of us who grew up in the system find freedom from it, our gut reaction is to run away – to sprint far from the old rules, templates, and culture that held us in bondage.  And in doing only that, it’s possible to completely miss the point.

Run.  But don’t just run from. Run towards.

The Gospel is about freedom, but that freedom only comes through submission.  Not to a culture, a template, or a religious system, but to the person of Jesus Christ.  This life is still about the pursuit of God, it simply comes through surrender to Christ and not a set of behavioral modifications or striving in your own efforts to live up to some unachievable standard.

So as we continue to shed our religious weight, don’t just flee from rule-based self-righteousness.  Sprint full-force towards the open arms, into the heart and character of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

What are you running towards?

3 responses to Run Towards

  1. Love this thought Eric! Thats it, I’m RSS-ing!

  2. Eric, our family is friends with the LaGranges. I’ve been attemting to listen to the podcasts and keep abreast of what you guys are doing at City Com; it’s so cool.

    I so agree with your recent blog Run Towards. Having been raised in the church, I find myself wanting to do things different, not by the traditional methods… wanting to go to the lost rather than waiting for them to come to me, wanting to be more in relationship (not just with Christ, but with others), wanting to see with fresh and unencumbered eyes where Christ is working. And yes, I bring in my journey religious baggage that is more difficult to unpack than might be expected. But you are so right… as we run toward Christ the rest will fall into place for the relationship is where it all begins, continues, and ends.

  3. Appreciate the post Eric!

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