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Erik Cooper —  September 23, 2009 — 1 Comment

I see a lot of leaders acting like, well…followers.  I’m guilty at times.  Bet you are, too.

It’s easy to become reactionary, to read a situation and simply respond to it.  With our families, at work, in social settings, with friends, in the church, I see lots of leaders (myself included) easily, almost impulsively at times, morph into “lick your finger, stick it in the air, see which way the wind is blowing, and go with the flow” kind of people.  It doesn’t take much skill, much risk, much wisdom to live like that. That’s easy, the path of least resistance, and it’s really not leadership at all.

Leaders are supposed to lead, and leadership isn’t passive.  Leaders create environments, they don’t just respond to them.

I want to throw a challenge out to you that I’m laying down for myself.  Regardless of how I feel, what circumstances are telling me, how those around me are acting or responding, I want to be the one who brings life into every situation I encounter.  I want to create the temperature, not react to it.

When I hit my front door at the end of a long day, I want to bring excitement and energy into my home.  When I encounter a challenging situation in our church, I want to bring hope with me to the meeting.  When circumstances around me say “throw in the towel,” I want to bring renewed passion to the situation.  Not fake.  Not disingenuous.  Not manufactured.  In reality, the Life of Jesus Christ living in, through, and out of me.

I don’t want to just manage what comes at me.  Anyone can do that.  I want to create what doesn’t exist.  That’s leadership.  I’ve got some work to do.  You?

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  1. Thanks for offering up some great, low-hanging fruit, Erik. I agree with what you say … it sounds good. It is good. And the $64,000 question is, “how do we do that?” How do we create environments and not just respond to them? Will that be the theme of your upcoming book and book tour?

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