Honduras Day 3

Erik Cooper —  June 15, 2010 — 4 Comments

No blackouts today.  No racing buses.  No rock throwing.  No sense of imminent danger.

Today we went to Jorge’s house.

Jorge is the seven year old boy from La Ceiba we began sponsoring through Mission of Mercy last year. He ran to embrace us as we came up the little dirt walkway to his meager home in the Las Delicious slum.  His joy was real.  Contagious.  Proof again that the Gospel transcends culture, geography, and socio-economic status.

We quickly reacquainted with Jorge, su hermanos (his brothers), su primas (his cousins), y su abuela (and his grandmother).  The new soccer ball we brought caused a huge grin, but when I asked him to go down to the field to teach me some moves he got quiet.

No shoes.

(We’ll be remedying that on Thursday)

Amidst the gifts, the stories, and the laughter, we again sensed that something special about Jorge that drew us to sponsor him after our first visit to La Ceiba last year.  I sense he innately knows it, too.  That there is a special place for Him in God’s Kingdom, regardless of what reality appears to be shouting.

He wants to be a doctor.  I’d bet on Jorge.

His only requests for prayer centered around safety for his policeman father (who no longer lives in the home), and help for his mother.  She works long hours in a clothing factory for very little wages, often forgoing her own dinner so her three boys can eat. A far cry from the creature comfort prayers that so often pass my lips.

And far too much weight for a seven year old to carry.

Just part of everyday life in Las Delicious.

Mandy and I weren’t the only ones to meet our sponsor child today.  Andy visited Angel, a 5 year old boy with a love for soccer.  Nathan and Trish re-embraced Anna, the spunky 10 year old who could be the Honduran twin of their own daughter Lauren (seriously eerie).  And Bill met Caroline, the shy, little 10 year old he recently sponsored to honor his own little girl who passed away four years ago next month.  They would have been the same age.

It was a beautifully messy day.

In the midst of this seemingly unnecessary heartache, God’s presence is near. And even though I believe we are bringing something beautiful to La Ceiba, Honduras, we are undoubtedly encountering something supernatural as well.

God lives among the least of these.

We’re not bringing Him here.  He had already taken up residence.

4 responses to Honduras Day 3

  1. Sorry, Erik, just catching up. Can’t wait to tell you about my missions trip to Kenya. 🙂
    Loved the closing line; Jesus is already in Honduras, just as he was already in Kenya amongst the Maasai.

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