Is God’s Will a Wire-Thin Tightrope?

Erik Cooper —  August 11, 2010 — 2 Comments

I originally wrote these words 18 months ago, not realizing how much I would need to read them today. This re-post is for me (and if you get something out of it, too…well, then bonus).

Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself locked in conversation with a number of people asking themselves the quintessential Christian question:

What does God want me to do?

And because processing these crossroads with others is often the best way to wrestle with them yourself, I’ve been looking back on ways God has directed me over the course of my life. How does God lead?  For me, every time has been a little different.

I’ve walked through seasons of calculated and detailed direction: “I want you to do exactly this.”  Where the steps were clear and the commands convicting.  Specific.

But the older I get and the longer I live in consistent connection to the Lord, the more often I seem to hear Him say:  “I know you.  You know me.  I trust you.  Make the call.

This is a tricky conversation. The Bible is very clear we’re to “submit to the Lord” (2 Chr. 30:8) and “obey His commands” (1 John 2:3).  We’re followers. But I also think we make a serious error in always assuming God’s plan for our lives is some skinny little tight rope we’re destined to tumble from into the deadly abyss of disobedience.

Let’s face it.  Sometimes our fear of “missing God” is really just our fear of making a decision.

Always inquire of the Lord.  Always listen for His direction.  Always submit to His desire and instruction.  Make obedience the posture of your life. But I don’t think God is vying to become your puppet master.  He wants a relationship, not the marionette strings.

The more He comes alive in me, the less He seems to have to tell me exactly what to do. The more our motives and desires become one. The more I hear Him say, “Hey Erik…I’m in you.  You make the call.

So perhaps our pursuit should be less about what God wants us to do, and more about how much we truly know Him? Maybe always asking for direction is really just a cheap cop-out on cultivating a relationship.  Maybe God wants to be more than our cosmic MapQuest.  Our genie in a bottle.  The magic eight ball.  Maybe.

What do you think?  How have you seen God shape the trajectory of your life?

2 responses to Is God’s Will a Wire-Thin Tightrope?

  1. Erik, I am always amazed at the ways that God speaks to me, and this time, it is through your post. I have been struggling with ignoring God’s call for a very long time. Only recently have I shared this desire openly and committed to seeing it through. Thank you for your message! God bless brother.

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