The Little Reasons Why You Can

Erik Cooper —  January 17, 2011 — 8 Comments

Ever since Michael W. Smith’s 1984 sophomore project, Michael W. Smith 2 (all the creativity was apparently used up in the songs, there was none left to title the album), I wanted to make music.

It was undoubtedly the argyles.

If music could get you a perm like that, I was all in. Sign me up! When do we start making records?

Fast forward a decade. My friend (and now CityCom co-pastor) Nathan LaGrange and I found ourselves with something fascinating.

A song.

One song.

An OK song (honestly, pretty mediocre).

We were on staff together at a large church, and one day our creativity got the best of us. So we took our passion for God and music and decided to do something with it.  Nothing life changing (at least we thought at the time).  Just a few lyrics and a simple melody line.

But that one song gave us the confidence to write a few more. And those songs helped us convince our pastor the church should do it’s first live recording.  And that recording inspired a second project.  Which built momentum for a third.  Then a fourth.

And a catalog of 70 songs later, I realized my old argyle-imprinted dream of making records had just kind of happened when I wasn’t looking.  Seven times over.

All because we wrote that first song.

I meet so many people with big dreams (heck, I still have some of my own).  But the distance between where you stand today and what you imagine for the future is a huge chasm that swallows your inertia.  Too many big reasons why you can’t. And they short circuit the little reasons why you can.

What’s your “first song?” You probably just need to go write it.

8 responses to The Little Reasons Why You Can

  1. So .. what was the FIRST song? My fave of the ones I know you guys have written is “Greatness of You” with “Enthroned” a reasonably close second.

    • Enthroned was the first song Larry. Our friends at Integrity never felt it was much of a universal song, though. I think a second draft of that tune could have birthed something even better. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Curtis Honeycutt January 17, 2011 at 11:44 am

    I’ve always had the dream of getting a book of poetry published, but I write about one day out of ten. I am aware that this is an issue, but don’t do much to change it. Grrr.

  3. Hi! I so love this blog. I would read the poetry from Curtis and the book these really inspirational blogs are going to be in. Thank you so much for the tips and all the challenges you bring up. I like how the things you say aren’t vague general ideas, but all based from something in your life that you are brave enough to open for us all. Love it! 🙂

  4. This picture is cracking me up!!! Flashbacks to my childhood, LOL! But, after I got done giggling, such great insight. One day at a time. Awesome encouragement!

  5. I have a mental illness. I have learned in the last 19 years some of my strengths and how to work with my weaknesses.I have come up with a wonderful non profit idea for seniors and have researched enough in the last seven weeks to know it is unique!Stepped out in faith and am now waiting on the SBA to review this idea.The little reason why I can,…is I do not care to franchise or patent, I want to take this idea and share it with everyone for free to help others reproduce the same around the world.I do not care about credit or fame.I love your messages as my church.Thank you from way out in the country.

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