A Crazy Dream Come True

Erik Cooper —  February 28, 2011 — 2 Comments

Check one off the bucket list.

Yep. While the rest of the online universe is buzzing of Middle East uprisings and Rob Bell controversies, I’m bragging about the realization of a selfish dream.

Over the weekend, my best buddy and CityCom co-pastor Nathan LaGrange, finally agreed to audition with me for The Amazing Race! Ten hours in line. One minute on camera to tell our story. Here’s a little (low res) glimpse at the after-party:

YouTube Preview Image

For years, I’ve been pleading our case to audition:

  • 15 years ago, the town drunk meets the sheltered church boy.
  • They quickly become the closest of friends.
  • Write over 50 songs together.
  • Travel the world together.
  • Have six kids (not together).
  • And now the craziest of all, launch a brand new church together.

Two co-pastors, one a bit of a control freak, the other a wildly free spirit (I’ll let you determine who’s who), partner up to plant a church and race around the world. Can you get better TV than that? Not unless Bear Grylls is involved.

Now we wait. Only 20,000 or so other applicants to beat out. But even with those odds, last Friday was a dream fulfilled.

So who knows, maybe next fall you’ll see two 30-something pastors dominate reality TV? We’ve already requested our on-screen graphic:

Nathan & Erik
Pastors | Models

I think that reads nicely, don’t you?

How about your bucket list? Any crazy dreams you still want to fulfill?

2 responses to A Crazy Dream Come True

  1. I dream of one day having your waistline and the drunk’s hair. That is all. Oh…and I would like to travel the world, write a children’s book, and some other cliche’ things. Mostly the hair. And invent a lanquage, using only hand gestures. Oh wait…nevermind. Definitely the hair though.

  2. Wow…how exciting!! We would love to watch you guys on live TV. We would be glued to the screen. We’re pulling for you. Love, Lee & Connie

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