A Giant Zit On My Nose

Erik Cooper —  March 2, 2011 — 2 Comments

I must confess, I find it easy to wander and daydream while reading certain parts of the Bible. Put your pointy finger of shame away. You know you do, too.

  • Long lists of genealogies. (For the record, Amminadab is the father of Nahshon).
  • Obscure Jewish laws and customs. (Don’t boil your baby goat in it’s mother’s milk. Just a heads up).
  • The book of Numbers. (Sorry, it’s not a paint by).

All Scripture is inspired and essential. But let’s keep it real, not all of it reads like a John Grisham novel. It’s not meant to.

But without fail, every time I crack open the Bible, I’m forced to look full on at my reflection through the lens of God’s ideal. Some days it’s beautiful. Encouraging. Like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day.

This morning, though? I had a Jr. High size zit on my nose. White, puss-filled, and ready to explode. And it came from a place I wasn’t really expecting. Seriously, how often does Psalms kick your butt?

“We’re depending on God; he’s everything we need.” -Psalm 33:20 MSG

Really? Am I actually depending on God? Am I really living like He is everything I need? If there was a Disney World line that cued to “Erik’s Spectacular Journey of Dependence,” I’m not sure God would have a Fast Pass to the front. (Cue sheepish avoidance of eye contact) There’s a whole slew of things I tend to lean into before God becomes everything I need.

My income.

My education.

The American economic system.

My parents.

My inlaws (yep, even my mother-inlaw, love her).

Social Security.

Business connections.

Health insurance.

My counselor.

My reasoning skills.

My 401(k).

Government programs.

My pastor.

My doctor.

American military defense.

My spouse.

My church.

My list could go on. And it’s not that any of these things are innately wrong, but a lot of days I find myself acting like God is the little awkward kid that always got picked last for neighborhood kickball.

I don’t trust well. I don’t depend well. And far too often, God is the thing I’m left clinging to only after the rest of it has been ripped from my desperate fingers. When the “other kids” have been called in for dinner.

The only problem? God and independence are a lot like Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen. They don’t go well together.

Power is in the surrender.

How about you? What’s ahead of God in your line of dependence?

2 responses to A Giant Zit On My Nose

  1. Mother Teresa was on to something when she opined, “We never realize that Jesus is all we need until He’s all we’ve got.” The daily challenge for us is to look beyond your long list and to realize that since He’s in control then perhaps He belongs at the top of the list. Easier said than done. One thing that helps me is to literally verbalize my dependence upon Him. He knows it already, and I figure it’s a good thing for both of us to hear me acknowledge it.

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