The Most Important Thing I Want to Teach My Daughter

Erik Cooper —  March 7, 2011 — 3 Comments

My daughter Emma turned 12 last month. I no longer mark the years by the recession of my hairline, I just count the number of Googles it takes for me to help her with her homework.

My baby is growing up.

This Saturday we marked the official beginning of a year long adventure leading up to her 13th birthday. A year of new ideas, new experiences, and new challenges that I desperately hope will prepare her for adulthood as a follower of Jesus. But amidst all the books, trips, and important conversations, this week I’ve issued her biggest challenge.

My dear friend Dr. Mike Elmore introduced this simple concept to a small group of CityCom men last year, but this little exercise has more cross-gender benefit than a Shake-Weight infomercial.

7 Minutes a Day.

Here’s the gist. For seven minutes each day (come on, who can honestly play the “too busy” card for that?), commit to the following:

  • Select a passage from the Bible to read (She and I will do this together each week)
  • Think deeply and meditate on the words (What does it really say? How does it pertain to your life?)
  • Pray and ask God, “What do you want to say to me?” (Listen to what He has to say)
  • Write it down (Everyone knows a mole-skin journal is a pre-requisite of Christianity)
  • Download the outcome with me or mom at the end of each week.

The most important thing any of us can learn to do is interact with the Creator of the Universe. To talk to Him. To listen to Him. Most of us reserve this experience for a Sunday church service or manic moments of chaotic desperation, or we’ve simply turned God into a checklist of guilt-ridden tasks to be endured.

I want to know Him. I want my daughter to know Him, too.

Not in overzealous periods of fabricated effort. In the steady, consistent reality of the everyday. Maybe that can start with seven simple minutes. We’ll see.

How about you? How have you learned to connect with God in the everyday of life?

3 responses to The Most Important Thing I Want to Teach My Daughter

  1. Love the parenting as a pastor type posts. Our only child, my son, is only 4 months old, but raising him to passionately pursue the Lord is something I think about all the time. Thanks for this post and encouragement. Have a great week!

    • Thanks Dustin. Parenting is an adventure. Don’t think for a minute that just because I write it, I’m always doing it well. Nothing has been more challenging (or more beautiful) than trying to lead my kids towards Jesus. Don’t quit.

  2. From where I’ve come from, it’s encouraging to see a dad who loves and supports his daughter. thank you for caring.

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