Everybody Hurts…Sometimes

Erik Cooper —  April 27, 2011 — Leave a comment

My wife and I have fallen in love with the show Parenthood.

Most television is about escapism. Transporting out of real life into a world where sarcastic doctors always have a brilliant one-liner, Jack Bauer courageously brings the terrorist to justice, and every character is a People Magazine 50 Most Beautiful People alumni.

Parenthood seems real. Sometimes too real (although everyone is still stupidly good looking).

A struggling single mom raising two rebellious teenage kids.

The terrifying emotion of parenting a child with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Discovering your 16 year old daughter is sexually active.

The gut-wrenching emptiness of infertility.

Some nights the tension gets resolved, and other episodes leave you wondering if they’ll ever put it all back together. I’ve been known to discreetly wipe away a few tears from under my glasses (seasonal allergies, of course).

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We’re going to try and embrace that same kind of tension at City Community Church.

Sometimes we church leaders can foster escapism, too (even sincerely motivated). A pinch of Scripture here. A few well-known cliches there. Wrap it up with a bow and come back to see us next Sunday. Don’t ask too many uncomfortable questions that can’t be resolved in 44 minutes of playback from my DVR.

I’m guilty.

So how do we stir up a soup that includes both this God we worship, and the very real tensions of everyday life? How do we acknowledge pain without permanently setting up camp there? How do we handle the undeniable reality that Everybody Hurts…Sometimes?

Honestly, I don’t always know. But we’re going to humbly step into the conversation starting Sunday at CityCom.

Divorce. Death. Family strife. Cancer. Financial ruin. Is there a ‘hurt’ you’re actively encountering?

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