It’s Time to Fly

Erik Cooper —  May 25, 2011 — 3 Comments

Last night, my 12 year old daughter voted 200 times (she counted each text) for American Idol finalist Scotty McCreary. My nine year old wasn’t far behind with her 139 vote effort in support of rival Lauren Alaina (she hasn’t quite mastered the cut and paste feature yet).

I’m not sure if I’m more concerned about my cell phone bill, or that my kids are beginning to like country music.

I have to confess, we’ve been huge fans of Idol since Brian Dunkleman was co-host. But while my kids succumb to the pop culture energy of the moment, I’ve fallen in love with the personal journeys. Watching the undeniable raw talent of a 16 year old emerge from it’s cocoon as these young artists begin to understand just how ridiculously good they actually are.

I think quite a few of us still need to have our American Idol moment.

I know, I know, we’re used to the repulsive arrogance of a Kanye West, or the creepy confidence of a Lady Gaga. We’ve seen what a stage can do to people (humans were never meant to be worshipped).

But I’m convinced more of us struggle with the opposite phenomena. We think less of ourselves than we should.

Scripture says to “rate [our] ability with sober judgment” (Romans 12:3 AMP), a piece of advice guys like Harold Camping and Charlie Sheen probably need to consider (BTW, are they sharing the same PR guy? Stop talking.). But if we can overplay our abilities, isn’t it safe to say we can underplay them too?

Some of us hide behind a severe undervaluation of who God created us to be. It’s safer there. Stepping into the fullness of our gifts and abilities means someone might go Simon Cowell on us. It opens the door for critique, rejection, ridicule…

…and pain.

Mediocre doesn’t seem to hurt as bad.

No one likes arrogance. Crass condescension. A sense of superiority. Entitlement. These aren’t Kingdom values (in fact God opposes them). But pretending to be “less than” isn’t either.

Some of us need to (wo)man up and admit, that what we’ve quietly defined as humility is really just a lack of courage. A refusal to risk. A self-protection mechanism to avoid pain.

How do I know? It’s the core lie (the sin) I fight in my own life everyday.

It’s time for some of you to take your stage. Not with an overindulgent condescension to the poor, under-talented masses. Encountering that kind of pride is like getting stuck behind a garbage truck.

With an honest assessment of yourself. Step into it. Believe in it. Risk with it. It’s time to fly.

3 responses to It’s Time to Fly

  1. Long time reader. First time replying.

    Great post!. Very true. I also laughed out loud when I read the line about being more concerned about the bill or country music.

  2. Love the humor! And the message! Bravo!!!! Fly baby, fly! 🙂 One of my friends has been making a lot of comments about the differences between eagles and chickens lately to encourage the people of God to live like eagles. He pointed out how eagles were meant to fly but chickens hang out in the barnyard. My contribution to all of his clever analogies was not deep, but I think it is still an observation worth noting! Most chickens end up to be someone’s dinner, but this doesn’t seem to be a big issue with eagles….you choose!

    wink wink.

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