The Power of Vulnerability

Erik Cooper —  June 27, 2011 — 4 Comments

What is it about unbridled honesty that we find so fascinating? Those raw, unpolished glimpses into the bloodied processing plant of people’s real life stories? Is it just some strange voyeuristic fetish, or could something deeper be going on?

Vulnerability is a great buzz word. Perhaps overplayed, but rarely over-practiced. It’s risky. As a pastor and church leader, I fear the downside of losing respect and influence if I let people get too close. What would you think if you knew that some days…

I lose my ongoing battle with insecurity?

I don’t feel like playing with my kids?

I spend money on things I shouldn’t?

I make assertions that I never live up to?

I post blogs that I never live up to?

I don’t love my wife as well I should?

Even that little bit of honesty is scary. But I’ve witnessed far more catastrophes from playing the hero.

Pretense may make me feel more powerful, but vulnerability engages the we of God’s original design. Trust. Intimacy. The risk of rejection in exchange for the longing of connection. With others. With God (who always seems to do His best work when I’ve finally admitted I’m a mess). Honesty gives rise to redemption.

And it’s contagious. Vulnerability spreads faster than a crazy cat video on the internet.

That said, I want to pass on a few stories that I hope might help with the daily battle of unmasking the real you. Listen to all three. They’re not neat and tidy. The tension isn’t resolved. But I’m betting you find a little of yourself floating around in here somewhere.

Everybody Hurts: A Vulnerable Conversation with Three CityCom’ers
Everybody Hurts: A Vulnerable Conversation with Three CityCom’ers

Do you ever struggle with vulnerability?

4 responses to The Power of Vulnerability

  1. Best Sunday ever… Even though it started out with a power outage and a pile of ants. đŸ™‚

  2. I love that. “Honesty gives rise to redemption.” Great post.

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