Fathers and Sons

Erik Cooper —  July 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

I have a confession.

I took the morning off to play golf.

My brother is back in Indy for a week, so the two Cooper boys caught an early morning 18 with our dad before this mid-western summer heatwave hit full broil. For a few hours, the family was back together. All was right with the world (although unfortunately, not with our swings).

Golf has always been more than a sport in our family. It was a catalyst for my dad and me. A forge that helped mold us into father and son.

Every Tuesday in the late spring and early fall, he’d find a way to squeeze out of work a little early. I can still see his car parked at the curb outside my Jr. High as the 3:35 bell released me into after school freedom.

Just enough time for 9 holes before mom put dinner on the table.

Just the right environment for a kid to connect to his father.

A relationship that began on a golf cart, and then spilled over into everyday life.

I was reminded again this morning that moments are important. That events can have meaning. That the right environment can create the opportunity for something beautiful to take place.

If we let it.

A round of golf doesn’t make a father and son any more than an hour on Sunday makes a Father and son. But it’s an environment that can give opportunity for something deeper, if we commit to never leave it there.

This morning, I was transported back to a special place. Beautiful memories of beautiful moments that are still paying dividends today. The perfect kind.

What family events help connect you to your mom or dad? What kind of environments help connect you to your Heavenly Father?

How do they translate to your everyday life?

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