A Tip for Turning Weaknesses into Powerful Strengths

Erik Cooper —  August 11, 2011 — 3 Comments

I used to work with a guy that drove us all crazy. Erratic behavior. Irrational emotions. Insecure decision making. A Michael Scott character (with little laughter ensuing).

The longer it went on, the less forgiving we all became. Minor issues became game changers. Before words could even form on his lips, eyes would roll, cynicism would ooze, and the buzzing of irreverent text messages would begin.

His lack of self awareness was brutal, and our ignorance of the underlying pain that was fueling it turned us cold, slowly building an impenetrable wall between us. Had we truly understood, I have no doubt we would have rallied to his aid. Instead, we just avoided him in the hallway.

That’s why vulnerability is so important.

When we find the courage to share our broken places, our weaknesses can actually become magnetic. A force that draws us together, rather than a barrier that keeps us apart. We rally around genuine humility, and scripture also tells us God’s grace resides there. (Proverbs 3:34)

We have to sacrifice power and control to gain love and acceptance. And that’s not without risk. Not all endings are storybook.

But I can promise you this…






Unacknowledged, unshared weaknesses will isolate and irritate. Vulnerability provides opportunity for our brokenness to become a glue that binds us together.

3 responses to A Tip for Turning Weaknesses into Powerful Strengths

  1. Wow, Erik, if you were one of my students and I was grading your paper, my remarks would be something like “outstanding analysis, excellent insights from many perspectives. A+”.

  2. You are an excellent wordsmith and I love the way you craft your sentences! But most of all, I love that this is your heart! Thanks for sharing with us and calling us to respond to the work of the Holy Spirit!

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