What’s Your Meatloaf?

Erik Cooper —  August 22, 2011 — 1 Comment

When my wife and I were less than 6 months married, I did something really stupid. I know you find this hard to believe. After all, you read my blog. You know I’m perfect. But alas…

As I Ward Clever-ered my way through the front door of our quaint, little suburban condominium, I expected my beautiful new bride to meet me with a doting kiss and childlike anticipation of another evening together as husband and wife. Instead, I was overcome by a vile odor.


Since the inception of our romantic relationship, Mandy had known my utter disdain for this beef-like imposter. Loaf is a word reserved for the bread and cereals section of the food pyramid. When you start genetically breeding loaves with meat, bad things are going to happen. B-rate science fiction kind of things. Don’t do it!

So I, of course, did what any loving husband would have done in that moment to boost the self-esteem of his new wife.

I refused to eat it. Straight up. No way. You can’t make me. I’ll just sit here all night.

(Men, do not try this at home. I’m a professional idiot.)

I’ll try anything. Anything except that.

We all have our “except thats. Even people epically smarter than me. Check out this verse about the wisest man in history, King Solomon (a guy with over 700 wives to fix him meatloaf):

“Solomon loved God and continued to live in the God-honoring ways of David, his father, EXCEPT THAT he also worshiped at the local shrines…” -1 Kings 3:3 MSG

Luckily, my except that (my meatloaf) didn’t end my marriage (although 16 year later, it’s definitely embedded in fabric of family folklore). Solomon’s, however, ended up destroying his life. His family. His leadership. His connection to God.

So what’s your except that? It may be an idol you need to lay down:

  • Control
  • Money
  • Prestige
  • Family (did you know family can be an idol?)
  • Security
  • Tradition

Or it may be a big slab of meatloaf you just need to man up and eat:

  • Obedience
  • Courage
  • A difficult conversation
  • Repentance
  • Surrender

What’s keeping you from the life God created you to live? What aren’t you willing to lay down. What aren’t you willing to pick up? What are you short changing with an “except that?”

What’s your meatloaf?

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  1. Ooh! Feeling that one! 🙂

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