You Can Leave a Steve Jobs Legacy

Erik Cooper —  October 6, 2011 — 3 Comments

Last night as I was driving home, I got a breaking news notification on my iPhone. Steve Jobs was dead. Two minutes later, my wife called that same iPhone to tell me of the Apple founder’s passing. She saw the story while browsing Facebook on her iPad. And now this morning, my MacBook has turned into the canvas for this post.


Steve Jobs dies, and his creative legacy becomes the vehicle for delivering the announcement. That may be the most profound eulogy I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know the spiritual condition of Steve Jobs life. I don’t know how God feels about smart phones and touch screen tablets. But I think there is something worth noting here.

We’re all called to leave a legacy. The DNA of a technical genius is not required.

Jesus called average, ordinary, overlooked-by-the-elite kind of people to announce His Kingdom to the world. To bring hope, life, and beauty into despair, death, and darkness. Not by our brilliance but by His Spirit, we can leave a legacy of immeasurable importance. For eternity.

Odds are, you won’t create an array of globally transformational technology, but you can leave a legacy. One your Father will be proud of when you stand before him one day.

If you’re willing to first embrace Him, and then who He created you to be.

What legacy are you creating?

3 responses to You Can Leave a Steve Jobs Legacy

  1. Hey Erik, inspiring post. Great image. I reflected on your question and legacy today myself:

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