People Are Messy (I’ll Have an Issue Please)

Erik Cooper —  October 31, 2011 — Leave a comment


Child Soldiers


Clean Water

Sex Trafficking

Orphan Care

Breast Cancer

Extreme Poverty

Ominous as they are, causes like these are energizing. They unite us. They rally our collective weight behind something greater than ourselves. To fight an evil. To right an injustice. To attack together what we can’t change on our own.

Causes are in invigorating.









People on the other hand? People are messy. Unpredictable. Ungrateful. They make bad choices. Act entitled. Demand your time. Your energy. Your sanity. They expect you to figure everything out for them.

People are draining.

Causes are vital, and it’s exciting to see so many join the battle against rampant global injustice. But if I can be honest, sometimes I hide from people behind my efforts to take on an “issue.”

In our passion to tackle a cause, let’s not ignore the people around us every day. People aren’t chic, but they’re pretty important to God. I’m certainly grateful for those who have engaged in my life, even when it’s been inconvenient and difficult.

So raise the flag for your cause. Tackle a giant. Care about something bigger than yourself. Do it passionately.


Step into the mess of another person’s life. Get uncomfortable. Care about someone other than yourself. Do it compassionately.

(NOTE: If I used your name in the list above, I’m not talking about you. Promise. Probably.)

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