Do You Ever Struggle with Prayer? I Do.

Erik Cooper —  November 10, 2011 — 3 Comments

Can I be honest? Some days I struggle with prayer. I know, I know. Pastors are supposed to have this all figured out. What kind of racket are we running here?

But it’s true.

Some mornings, God’s Spirit is more tangible than the aroma of my coffee. The perfect reminder from Scripture collides with the circumstances of the day (and just the perfect mix of caffeine), and God and I are chatting it up like we’re on the Verizon network.

Other days? Crickets. Like I can’t quite nail the formula. This is crazy. What should I say? Why can’t I hear? Did we re-up with AT&T or something?

And then God illuminates His truth in the most peculiar little ways.

6:27AM. I hear the patter of little feet running on the floorboards above me. The second step from the top squeaks like the un-oiled Tin Man, so there’s no sneaking around. My morning ritual was about to be interrupted. By one of the mini-Coopers.

Sure enough, there he stood. My son. Hair disheveled. Glasses cock-eyed. Eyes still crusty with sleep.

“I had a bad dream.”

I picked him up and sat him on the kitchen table as his six year old imagination began to unfold a dreamy (and rather lengthy) story of robbers invading the school playground, Ralphy from A Christmas Story style. He poured out every detail.

Every. Single. Detail.

I hugged him. Held him close. Promised there were no robbers heading our way today, and that even if there were, daddy was big enough to handle them (I’m a total Stallone when it comes to imaginary criminals).

“Do you want to lay down here on the couch close to me?”

I carried him to the sofa and covered him with a blanket, and there he rested peacefully until the clock said it was time to get ready for school.

Initially, I have to admit I was a little flustered. I love my son, but I get up early to be alone. My process of Supernatural connection had been thrown off kilter. Until I realized that in interrupting my prayer, God was actually answering it.

Son shares his heart.

Dad listens.

Dad picks up son.

Holds him close.

Reminds him of the truth.

Son quietly rests in dad’s presence.

Maybe prayer isn’t so complicated after all? When we stop treating it like a formula. A procedure. A method. And remember we’re interacting with a Someone.

We talk. He listens. He talks. We listen. We rest in His presence. That’s prayer.

Be honest. Do you ever struggle to pray?

3 responses to Do You Ever Struggle with Prayer? I Do.

  1. Wellllllll. I felt kind of guilty the other day when I was squeezing God and Bible reading into a multi tasking morning – aha 15 minutes until anything needs my attention, so God, here I am. That was a very precious 15 minutes as God spoke to me like I haven’t heard in some time and encouraged me. I was in Isaiah 55 which happens to be one of my favorite chapters of the Bible and God showed me something that I had never noticed before.

    Yeah, I struggle. Sometimes I have to remind myself that God is right there all the time when I’m gardening and talking to the cats and talking to the chickens and when I’m walking on my way, etc. When I start talking to God in those times that counts too even if it’s not my “devotional” time.

  2. Spending time with your son in such a manner is spending time with God – thanks for such a terrific reminder 🙂

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