This Year I’m Thankful for Some Strange Things

Erik Cooper —  November 23, 2011 — Leave a comment

A six year old foot to the face at three in the morning.

Agonizing conversations about things I’d rather avoid addressing.

0-10 starts to a season.

Painful encounters with little green army men in the darkness of the early morning.

Global economic uncertainty.

Irrational run-ins with a hormonal 12 year old daughter.

Unfulfilled dreams and risks that didn’t turn out so well.

Gut-wrenching counseling sessions.

Stare at the ceiling at night for hours on end decisions that need to be made.

Pre-teen shouting matches in the upstairs bathroom.

The uncomfortable exposure of my real motivations.

Lots more “I don’t knows” than “I’m sures.”

Strangely enough, these are a few of the things I’m incredibly thankful for this Thanksgiving. I know, I know, it all sounds a little sadistic (especially that Colts record), but hear me out. I think there’s something worth considering here.

Pain. Struggle. Tension. Discomfort. Risks. Failure. Unknowns. Disappointments.

In some strange way these things I fear, that I run from, they’re proof of life. Opportunities to really live. Pursue. Grow. Trust. To engage in things that matter. To love. To be loved.

Without a little darkness, how do we fully bask in the light? Without some disappointment, how do we truly embrace joy? Without tension, how do we transform? Without being inconvenienced, how do we discover the true richness of relationship? Without a little uncertainty, how do we learn to trust? Without risking pain, how do we experience love? Without death to our selves, how can we ever know Real Life?

Today, I’m strangely thankful for a Savior that invites me to follow Him into it all. Happy Thanksgiving.

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