All the Voices in My Head

Erik Cooper —  January 26, 2012 — 1 Comment

I hear voices in my head. Seriously.

Four of them.

(Although I occasionally get a 5th that sounds strangely like Flo from those Progressive ads).

But if you’re thinking I could use some meds, grab your own prescription bottle. I bet they’re talking to you, too.

Me – This voice tells me what I impulsively want (like that 4th slice of pizza).

Obligation – This voice whispers what I should want (like a Prius).

Proponents – These voices affirm my natural desires (my homies).

Detractors – These voices think I’m an idiot (we’ll just call them the condescending jerks).

On any given day, at any given moment, all these voices are vying for my attention. Arguing for my loyalty. Pleading their case. Screaming to be heard.

But the One Voice I desperately need to hear won’t ever make a scene.

It’s still.

It’s soft.

And it’s the only One that matters.

But The Voice refuses to fight with my other internal house guests. I have to stop long enough to listen. I have to let it become the loudest.

How many voices are in your head? Are you listening to The One that really matters?

One response to All the Voices in My Head

  1. Today I stopped growing as a coward in my faith

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