Imagination is the Birthplace of Hope

Erik Cooper —  January 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

Separation sucks. Goodbyes always feel foreign. Like they’re not part of how we were originally designed.

(I’m sure you have a few relatives that challenge that line of thinking, but roll with me here).

When goodbye is necessary, I’ve always found it much easier to be the one leaving instead of the one being left.

The one staying behind is forced to live amongst the constant reminders of what was. The one leaving is at least going somewhere. Moving toward something new.

When our house miraculously and unexpectedly sold last week, our family was a bit shaken (although my daughter actually said, “dad, I think you’re the only one freaking out about this,” but alas).

I was out of town, but my wife wisely realized the best thing to do was to start looking at other houses. To begin focusing on the adventure ahead, instead of just mourning the memories we are leaving behind.

That was a good move. It stirred the imagination.

Imagination is the birthplace of hope. The playground of life. As we dream forward, we realize that the scary unknown is actually quite a miraculous journey worth embracing.

Are you focusing on what you’re leaving or where you’re going?

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