Lay Down Your Idols Not Your Identity

Erik Cooper —  February 8, 2012 — 1 Comment

Confession. I’d really prefer for you to think….

I’m Hip.

Cutting edge.

Urban cool.


Put together.

Open minded.


That I dig Adele.

Independent films.

Mumford and Sons.

That I love to risk.

And eat organic.

That I’m always a sacrificial husband.

The perfect father.

A fleshly embodiment of everything I say and write.

But in reality, I’m really much more….





(I’m a recovering accountant for a reason people).


Kelly Clarkson.

Neil Diamond.

Paul Baloche.



I eat processed meats (and enjoy them).




(Sorry if that disappoints…wait, actually I’m not).

Living into your projections is exhausting. Morphing into other people’s perceptions is lying. Confront your sin, not your essence. Lay down your idols, not your identity.

Let Jesus heal the brokenness. Then get comfortable in your own skin. The Kingdom needs you.

One response to Lay Down Your Idols Not Your Identity

  1. And let’s not forget….really honest (uncomfortably so sometimes) and super funny! And that is why I love you….(well, some reasons why anyway.) THANKS for posting this! It’s great! HA! the accountant thing got me going. I eat organic quite a bit but I am completely a numbers geek and organized but even so , I am still amazed by how your wife pulls off that coupon thing. I bet the cashiers applaud her. It’s incredible!

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