I Officially Have a Teenager

Erik Cooper —  February 9, 2012 — 4 Comments

My baby girl is 13. Thirteen.

Two years to driver’s permit.

Five years to graduation.

Zero minutes until dad has a full-on panic attack (does anyone…have…a paper…bag?).

I’m already saying those silly things your parents said when you were a kid.

Where did the time go?

How did you grow up so fast?

Why do you cost so much? (Your parents may have never said that one, but trust me, they thought it).

So today, we’re grabbing a moment. Stopping time for a few days. Making a memory we’ve been planning since the last time February had a 9th.

We’ve promised each of our kids a special trip for their 13th birthday. (Shhhhh….she thinks it’s next week). But little does she know, we’re interrupting 2nd period with a little Liza Minneli. Seriously, we’re playing this song over the intercom in her school room before we kidnap her and head to the airport for a long weekend in New York City.

Our lives are littered with these little stamps in time.

Some painful.

Some beautiful.

All shaping.

I believe the next three days will be permanently etched in Emma’s no-longer-pre-teen mind (alongside all those Justin Bieber lyrics), as we celebrate a huge milestone in her life exploring one of the coolest cities on earth.

The trip isn’t the magic. The time, the conversation, the laughter, the shared experience. That’s the magic. A root she’ll hopefully be able to draw deeply from on those days that may not be quite so bright.

Do you have any time stamps like that in your life?

Oh, and happy birthday baby girl! Now that you’re a true teenager, take it easy on mom and dad. OK? I’m asking you nicely (and publicly).

4 responses to I Officially Have a Teenager

  1. I love it! Great memories!

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