The Gap Between Us and Our Dreams

Erik Cooper —  March 22, 2012 — Leave a comment

Last night, I spent a few hours with my brother, our dad, and family friend (Kellog MBA and global powerhouse) Jim Ordo. We engaged in a little brainstorming session.


My (10 years younger yet 10 inches taller) brother has a dream. A music school. An environment where kids can not only learn an instrument but release their creativity. Become artists, not just technicians. It’s a cool concept, and we had a blast hashing it out with him.

The ideas flowed faster than the coffee. By the time Darren would jot one down, three more were colliding in the airspace above our heads. It was energizing. Freeing. Easy. Because at this point, all I’m really responsible for is the dreaming.

Dreaming comes standard with energy, freedom, and ease. They’re built in. Creating is the expensive upgrade. I left our dialog with dreamer’s hangover. Darren walked out with four reams of action steps and a mountain of hard work.

All of us can dream. Few of us will create.

Imagination is intoxicating. Creating is flat out (terrifying) hard work.

I have 6 or 7 major initiatives on the table for City Community Church and our family in 2012. They’re good ideas. Big dreams. Massive potential. But there’s a giant cavern between what resides in my head (and my heart) and the tangible creation process. A gap full of:

FEAR: Of failure. Of being misunderstood. Of finding out the dream was idealistic. Unrealistic. Maybe not that good. Of shame and embarrassment. (I even fear the responsibility that comes from being successful).


LAZINESS: Let’s face it, realizing a dream isn’t usually impossible. It’s just really, really hard. Dreaming is fun (and cheap). Maybe I could just hang there? (Makes for some great blog posts).

Courage and lots and lots of hard work – that’s our bridge. So let’s get to it. The creating, not just the dreaming.

The painting only manifests if you actually pick up the brush.

What 3 action steps do you need to take to actually create what you’ve only been dreaming about?

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