Do You Know How To Rest?

Erik Cooper —  July 23, 2012 — 2 Comments

I fear I’m careening towards a mid-life crisis.

Find me a sports car.

Sign me up for a competitive basketball league.

Take me skydiving.


I just spent a week in Gatlinburg, TN. And I loved it! What’s next? Matlock reruns? Dress socks with my sandals?

We danced….


We Pow-Wow-ed….


We zipped….


We posed….


We embraced a few bad habits….


And we did a few cheesy things we’ll probably regret….


The truth is, we rested. Rest isn’t only the absence of activity (although we did a lot of that, too, it just doesn’t photograph as well), it’s the culmination of a job well done. Rest is reflection. Rest is celebration. Rest is enjoyment. Rest is relationship.

Rest is part of the creative process, not the avoidance of it.

Music without rests is manic. Impossible to play. Miserable to listen to.


Design with no white space is busy. Aesthetically unappealing.


Some of us need to learn to live with more white space. To incorporate rest into our creative output. To see down time not just as the absence of work, but as part of the creative process itself (Genes 2:1-3).

And some of us need to stop avoiding our creative capacity. Dodging the hard work and responsibility of our creative output (Matthew 25:14-28). A blank canvas is just filled with laziness.

What areas of your life need more white space? What areas are you simply avoiding? The Bible instructs us to rest and it also warns us against laziness.

I can both. How about you?

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2 responses to Do You Know How To Rest?

  1. Great post Erik. This is a journey I’ve been on the last 3 or 4 months to understand better too. I realized just bc I sleep well at night, which is how I judged if I rested, doesn’t mean I actually ‘rest.’ Can I do something fun and not think about the to do’s? Can I really turn my mind off w/o guilt (that’s the kicker). Thanks for the post … fellow learner of rest.

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