How to Beat Your Need for Approval

Erik Cooper —  July 25, 2012 — Leave a comment

Safe to say, a great majority of us are plagued by the need for approval.

We mute our voice because of it.

We hesitate to risk because of it.

We battle fear because of it.

We refuse to live because of it.

Having no awareness or concern for the feelings of others makes you a psychopath (and rumor has it nobody likes a psychopath). But allowing the voices around you to control the steering wheel, brakes, and accelerator of your soul is a sad way to live. I’ll even say a sinful way to live.


The focus is you. And that’s usually when things get ugly. When your focus is self, you will do anything to protect your client.

Dodge. Manipulate. Hedge. Avoid.

Or if things really get tense….

Steal. Kill. Destroy. (I’ve seen kind but insecure leaders turn into trained assassins to protect their fears).

So what’s the remedy? Self-help? Self-denial? Shock therapy? More discipline? Trying harder? Tony Robbins?

Honestly, if your issue is self-obsession doesn’t it seem counter-productive to focus on your ability to fix it?

Here’s the truth:

When you realize you have all the acceptance you’ll ever need in Jesus Christ, you’ll stop living for the approval of others.

You don’t need approval when you’re already approved!

The secret is looking away from yourself. To gaze upon the beauty, holiness, power, righteousness of a Creator-God who did for you what you could never do on your own.

You want to be free of the prison of approval? Look to Jesus and realize what you’re longing for from other people you already have in Him.

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