Why I’m Leaving Staff at City Community Church

Erik Cooper —  August 13, 2012 — 18 Comments

Some days are a mixed cocktail of joy and pain.

Hurt and hope.

Wounds and dreams.

Sometimes all these emotions collide simultaneously. And that’s where our family finds itself today.

On September 7, we will be stepping off full-time staff at City Community Church. The church we helped plant alongside our forever-friends, Nathan & Tricia LaGrange. The church that has become our home. The church where lives have been changed (a few even beyond our own so I’ve heard).

No pain could be greater. Yet at the same time, our anticipation is full-tilt!

Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 10.19.06 AM

I’ve been asked by my dad and his board to come on staff at Community Reinvestment Foundation, a non-profit my father quietly helped build and has served as President for the last 20 years. CRF is a housing organization. They own and manage lower-income multi-family apartments across Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. They’ve greatly improved the quality of life for their residents over the past two decades. But to top it off, the founding purpose of this organization is to generate profits for missions projects around the globe.

It’s an unbelievably beautiful organization, and an absolute honor to be asked to join the team.

I’ll initially be helping to launch some new initiatives both globally and locally, and then over time, slowly acquiring more and more of my dad’s day-to-day leadership responsibilities (he’s the youngest 68 year old I’ve ever met, but human is human).

I’ll be unfolding more details here on the blog here over the next week or so, but if you’d like to hear the whole story now in my own emotional words, here is what I shared with our church community.

Our heart remains with CityCom, and we will continue to love and serve in whatever capacity is helpful to the leadership there, regardless of where we draw a salary.

So please pray for the LaGranges and the entire church community as we all walk through this transition together. The future is bright, I know it. Like a muscle, sometimes the Kingdom of God has to tear to expand.

The pain is as real as the joy, and today we embrace both of them together.

More updates soon.

18 responses to Why I’m Leaving Staff at City Community Church

  1. Would you be the Erik Cooper that was one of my Royal Rangers at Lakeview, many years ago?

  2. I share the conflicting emotions with you brother. Please know that everyone at Friendship Church loves you, the LaGrange family, and City Community Church. Praying and rejoicing for you bro.

    • Don’t worry Dustin, you can’t get rid of me that easily. I’m grateful for your love, and I know I speak for Nathan when I say that, too. You’ve been a good friend, and nothing’s going to change that.

  3. Congratulations! I know this was a big step. When you “birth” something and watch it grow it is hard to step aside. You will still be there to be a part of it I’m sure. You are joining a great company that has done so much good at home and abroad. God bless you as you become part of it.

    • Thank you so much Lois! I can’t tell you what an honor it is. Your husband tells me you monitor my Facebook posts, so I guess I’m going to have to be more careful now. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what this next season unfolds.

  4. Big step, E & M. I know it’s one that was taken with lots of prayerful consideration & I’m sure this next role will also carry with it many blessings and challenges. You’re up for it! We’ll have to get together again before too long so I can hear the full story. Blessings to you guys.

  5. Congrats on the new work you will be doing – they will miss you being on Staff at City Com – I know you will do a good job – Will be praying for you and Mandy in your new adventure. GOD blessw U

  6. What a courageous step and amazing opportunity!! I am happy for you. Thank you for being a man of God. Blessings on this new journey.

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