And Then One Day It Rained

Erik Cooper —  September 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

For the past few months, the State of Indiana (and a huge portion of the United States) has been struggling through the worst drought in a generation.

The definition of bone dry.

Flowers shriveled. Mature trees died. Shrubs became kindling. Grass turned into giant patches of brown prickly stubble. I was at my father-in-law’s house the day the mandatory watering ban went into effect. It was like he was being forced to take a dear friend off life support. How did the luscious life of spring turn to death in just a few short weeks?

It seemed as if rain was incapable of falling over Central Indiana. Storms would show up on the radar across Missouri and Illinois only to evaporate as they crossed the State line. It was bad. As bad as I’ve ever seen it.

And then one day it rained.

A lot.

It woke me up in the middle of the night. Unexpected. Is that what I think it is? Yep, almost three inches of it in a few short hours! I ran to the basement to check the sump pump. Would it remember what to do?

Yes! It seemed that everything remembered what to do! In just a few short days…

My grass needed mowed.

The flowers began to bloom.

Brown became green.

Death turned to life.

In just a few short days, everything changed. Everything.


My friend, Tara Gentry, reminded me that this phenomenon is not just for plant life. One night a few weeks ago, she was sharing some very Job-like circumstances she and her family were facing. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. The brilliant greens and thick foliage of her life were shriveling beneath the weight of a spiritual drought.

(You can hear her beautifully painful story by clicking here).

And then, out of her pain, she profoundly reminded us:

“But just like the grass, it could all be green again this time tomorrow.”

Just when we think it’s over. That everything is gone. Burnt up. Hopeless. Dry. Brown. Done for. Beyond repair.


You find out God’s in the resurrection business. He always has been.

Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Don’t despair. Don’t settle. Don’t fear.

This time tomorrow, it can all be green again.

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