Israel Day #3 – Going Random

Erik Cooper —  October 19, 2012 — 3 Comments

Israel Day 3 was profound for us, but probably not so interesting for the blog. We spent the day indoors, honored to share with about 40-50 men – many of them leaders – from the Messianic Jewish movement here in Israel.


The depth and richness of the day simply won’t translate well to this medium, but here are a few random thoughts that might give you a little taste:

Everyone has a story, and many of the issues we hear about through news clips and sound bites take on a whole new perspective when you’re looking into someone’s eyes.

Most of those things you struggle with and think it’s only you – it’s not only you.

“Hola” is not a Hebrew word.

You can have a relationship with a church and mistaken it for a relationship with God.

Men desperately need deep, authentic conversation with other men. This initially makes us feel weird, but we long for it.

Sometimes all it takes for people to open their hearts is for someone to be brave enough to go first.

My friend Dave has no idea how to focus my iPhone camera.

Not even the mystique of the Holy Land can surpass the richness of good friends sitting around a dinner table laughing, crying, and sharing their lives together.

If you don’t believe Jesus can really change people, you need to meet my friend Dave Newton (who still can’t focus an iPhone camera).

Understanding your utter depravity is a vital part of Scripture. We really do need a Savior, and the good news is, His name is Jesus.

There is something unspeakably Divine about the nation of Israel. It’s hard to describe, but you can feel it when you’re here.

It’s approaching Shebat here in Israel, so I’m going to take a little blogging break to honor the Jewish Sabbath (truthfully, I just know you don’t read blogs much on the weekends but Shebat sounds so much more noble). We finish our seminar today and then hit the Old City of Jerusalem, Jericho, Galilee, Nazareth, Mt. Carmel, and some other “I can’t believe I’m really seeing this” sites around Israel.

I’ll post pictures here, and to Facebook and Twitter as we go, storing up new epic experiences and maybe even a few insights to write about here on Monday!

Thanks for reading and sharing this blog with others (hint, hint….buttons below).


(I’m pretty sure that’s Hebrew for “hola”).

3 responses to Israel Day #3 – Going Random

  1. If it’s Hebrew for Hola, shouldn’t it go at the beginning? Or is it Hebrew for Adios? Or is it like omnipresent or something?

  2. Love it, Eric!

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