When Your Inner Bluth Knocks Off Your Inner Cleaver

Erik Cooper —  April 18, 2013 — Leave a comment


Earlier this week I had a textbook day. It was pretty magnificent, no kidding. A case-study for enviously good living.

Knocked out a few important projects at the office.

Spent lunch encouraging a friend.

Cheered both my girls to softball victories.

Helped my youngest daughter with her science homework.

Sat with my other two kids while they mastered a few new songs on the piano.

Prayed with a neighbor family about a health situation.

Talked through a beautiful passage of Scripture with the whole family

And tucked all three smiling offspring into bed by 9pm.

It was as if the day played out in classic 1950s black-and-white, with a perky orchestrated underscore and perfectly resolved plot line. I felt more than pretty good about myself as I crawled under the covers that night. I did good that day. That was one to be proud of.

And then the rest of the week had to go and take place.

Grouchy headaches.

Forgotten homework assignments.

A failed test.

A project that exposed my learning curve at the office.

Kids screaming at each other over the silliest of disagreements.

Me yelling at the kids because of their screaming (yes, I get the irony).

Missed bedtimes.

Hurried tuck-ins.

Rote prayers.

The high horse bucked. My inner Bluth went and knocked off my inner Cleaver. I had one of those days that leave you feeling below average, a bit embarrassed, and hoping no one was secretly filming for some TLC reality show.

Here’s the blunt reality:

Some days end with me feeling like a champion.

Other days end with me feeling like a complete failure.

But because of the scandalous beauty of the Gospel, every day ends with me knowing I’m a valued son of God.

My worth is not rooted in my failures or accomplishments. It’s not what I do, it’s what He has already done. We work, we toil, we strive, and we live – not for acceptance – but from a place of It Is Finished.

So don’t confuse how you feel at the end of each day with what you can know at the end of each day. That because of Jesus, you are loved. Because of Jesus, you have value.

Because of Jesus, you are a son or daughter.

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