The Trajectory of Christmas

Erik Cooper —  December 18, 2013 — 1 Comment

I have to admit, talking about my faith has always made me uncomfortable. From a church pulpit? Of course. Here on the blog? No problem. It’s expected. But in the “normalcy” of everyday life, the whole concept of “sharing my faith” conjures up a bunch of historical anxiety for me.

I have bad memories of “witnessing” checklists, a drawerful of obnoxious Christian t-shirts, and an shame-filled obligation to accost people with the “Romans Road” in the high school lunchroom.

Nobody likes that guy.

I don’t even like that guy (and I was that guy). If I was ever that guy to you, I’m sorry.

But honestly, I think it’s because I was never sharing the proper trajectory of the Gospel. It’s not a road we travel, a mountain we climb, or an award we earn. It’s not an argument to win, a philosophy to debate, or a moral campaign to market. 

It’s news to proclaim. Good News. The Gospel was God’s move toward us.

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Last Friday at our company Christmas party, I had the honor of sharing some thoughts with our entire staff (along with this video). Seventy plus in all. We don’t have the audio, but the basic gist was also included in our December employee newsletter reprinted below. The Gospel message is at the heart of Christmas. Regardless of who signs your paycheck, maybe you’ll find yourself in here somewhere, too.

Dear Staff,

Christmas is a time for joy, family, giving, warm feelings, cheesy songs, and over-indulging (come on, let’s be honest). I know all of us step into this season in our own ways, with our own histories, with our own perspectives and emotions (good and bad). And while most of you are probably fully aware that CRF is Christian-based company, we’ve tried hard to never make any of you feel like you have to share our beliefs to be a valued member of the team. I hope you would concur.

That said, it would feel funny not to mention the core of the Christmas season in the December “Holiday” edition of the employee newsletter.

God came for us.

No, really. I hope you caught that.

God came for us.

You see, most of us instinctively think that “religion” is about striving to live right and earn our way into God’s good graces. But Christmas flips this “work your way to God” idea right on its head. When we were far from God and couldn’t get to Him, He didn’t demand that we figure out how to cross the great divide. He came to us.

We think that’s pretty amazing news. You know, the kind worth celebrating with a major holiday or something. And it’s our sincere hope that wherever you are and whatever you believe, you and your families have your best Christmas ever.

Jesus came. Immanuel. God with us.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you, too. The Lord is come! Who knew? Christmas has a direction! Maybe consider mentioning that to someone. It’s pretty Good News.

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  1. What a wonderful insight! I love how this perspective takes “man-made ideas” off the individual seeking something/God (their search to fill that empty place deep inside). I plan to share this perspective with everyone along with my “facebook” friends! Merry Christmas Eric & thank you once again for “hitting” the mark right on!! Love & prayers for u & ur family.

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