A Tale of Two Tensions

Erik Cooper —  March 25, 2015 — Leave a comment

There are two tensions, two stressors at work in my life at any given time. One is driven by authentic things, good things:

The pressure to hit a deadline at work.

The pressure to save money for retirement.

The pressure to spend quality time with my son.

The pressure to pay my bills by the due date.

The pressure to be at a meeting before the designated start time.

The pressure to remember my wife’s birthday.

This type of tension can be a good thing – an inner drive that makes me a responsible and healthy human being, that helps me meet the needs of my family and others who place their trust in me. I need this kind of tension.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.28.58 AM

And then there’s the tension created by my idolatries.

The pressure to attain power and influence.

The pressure to be known as a perfect father.

The pressure to look like I always have my stuff together.

The pressure to gain accolades and praise from those around me.

The pressure to satisfy that insatiable need for wealth and accomplishment.

The pressure of earning God’s blessing and approval.

This type of tension is dangerous – an inner drive to find my own identity, to fulfill my own destiny, and to become my own savior. I need to repent of this kind of tension. 

Which tension is driving you today? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the difference, to discern between the two. One is healthy, the other is hindering. One is suitable, the other is sinful.

Which tension tale are you telling?

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