Agenda For Change Agreement

April 7, 2021

Employees who are on duty prior to April 1, 2019 retain their existing pay date (formerly known as incremental date) and automatically travel through their salary journey during the transition. This will continue to depend on all locally agreed wage growth management schemes, which may have been implemented on the ground, in accordance with the NHS Staff Committee`s march 31, 2013 agreement on wage growth. The ESR system is capable of automatically advancing existing personnel. Wage milestone points will be closed on the payroll settlement system for restarters or those who will be promoted to a senior ribbon role on or after April 1, 2019. This applies to all employees as of April 1, 2021 and the new wage maintenance plans apply. The Whitley NHS system has remained virtually unchanged since its launch, although there have been some changes. Yet it has been the subject of much criticism for decades. These criticisms have focused on their structure, complexity and over-concentration, due to their lack of flexibility and equivalent values. There was also concern that existing pay scales could not be easily adapted to the evolution of equal pay for work of equal value. [4] Negotiations on a new system began in February 1999, when the White Paper on the Agenda for Change was published. [7] It aimed to address the problems of the Whitley system and stressed the need to change wages, career structures and employment conditions within the NHS. It says that any new remuneration system must provide equal pay for equivalent work. No, there is no intention to define how evaluation works at the local level, we recognize that there are many organizations with good evaluation methods.

The framework agreement provides that additional standards for local assessment processes could be adopted in partnership with local unions. The revised Schedule 23 contains principles designed to divide the development of local evaluation policies. 3.8 What happens if a person is on sick or maternity leave when their pay date is due? No changes to the injury award were agreed in the course of these discussions. 4.8 Some employees are concerned about the slight adjustments of antisocial hours in groups 1 to 3, how can we reassure them? HCAS will continue to base the same percentage of basic treatment as it does today. In the event of a signature, the minimums and maximum values will be increased by the same amount as the higher salary schedules for each year of the contract. The framework agreement indicates that the NHS Pay Review Body is also invited to examine the role of HCAS.