Broadcasting Agreement Deutsch

April 8, 2021

3. Article 11, paragraph 2, can be denounced by one of the contracting states with effect at the end of the calendar year with a 12-month delay. It can be denounced for the first time effective on 31 December 2000. If section 11, paragraph 2, is not terminated effective from that date, the same notice may be granted every two years. The denunciation is made in writing to the President of the Conference of Prime Ministers. If a state denounces the agreement, each state can denounce, within three months of receiving the termination, the broadcasting agreement, the ARD agreement, the ZDF agreement, the agreement on the public body “Deutschlandradio”, the financing agreement and the broadcasting licence fee agreement, with effect from the same day. State denunciation does not affect the provisions denounced in this agreement or the agreements referred to in the first sentence in relations between other states. 1. Public service broadcasting is funded by television and broadcasting licence fees, television and radio advertising revenues and other revenues; The main source of revenue is the broadcasting and television licence fee. (3) Additional television programmes transferred jointly by the public broadcasters of ARD and the ZDF are only allowed on the basis of special agreements of all the states.

(2) In addition, the public service broadcasters that make up the ARD and the ZDF can broadcast two additional specialty satellite television programmes together. KEK will discuss with the company possible steps to reach an agreement. In the absence of an agreement or if the measures agreed by the company and KEK are not implemented within a reasonable time, the public supervisory authority for private channels may, after the facts are established, revoke as much as necessary the programmes under its control, in order to ensure that the company no longer exerts dominant influence.