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I want to take a second and introduce you to a good friend of mine, Rod Arnold (and not just because he just posted about us on his blog…well, at least not totally).  I first met Rod through our connection as songwriters with Integrity Music and found him to be an incredible mind with a deep love for the church and passion to see it become all God created it to be.

Rod just launched a new organization called BrandSmart Marketing to help churches and organizations with their marketing efforts.  Church marketing is nothing new, but Rod’s approach is.  If your church or organization could use some help honing its message, I would strongly encourage you to read his new book, What Smart Churches Know, or contact him directly.

The term marketing doesn’t always have the best connotation in church circles.  It’s easy to see it as a secular pursuit, convincing someone to “buy” something through clever or manipulative tactics.  But let’s not define the whole by its abuses.  As the great author and pastor Mark Batterson says, “the greatest Message deserves the greatest marketing.”