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This weekend, we (and when I say we, I mostly mean my wife and sister inlaw) started helping my parents prep for their first move in 32 years. We stumbled across some fascinating stuff tucked in dark closets and old desk drawers.

Stuff that belonged to me.

Ticket stubs from Michael W. Smith concerts almost two decades old.  A tic-tac box autographed by Toby Mac (what can I say, we single handed-ly kept CCM in business during the early 90’s).  Senior pictures that look a little bit like two people I know (I heard the camera adds 10 inches to the top of your head, I don’t know).

Memorabilia.  Keepsakes.

Our lives are full of memorabilia. Some trigger beautiful memories.  Some conjure up nightmares.  Some we can’t bear to throw away.  Others we’d like to incinerate (hairspray is flammable…ask my wife).

Good or bad, it’s stuff we hold onto.

Siphoning through all this old memorabilia reminded me of something disturbing Jesus said:

If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.” (Luke 9:34 NLT)

Not all “memorabilia” fills old jewelry boxes or long-forgotten bureau drawers. What am I hanging onto in my life that’s keeping me from having real life?