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If all goes as planned, we’ll be launching version 2.0 of on Monday!

I want to publicly say a huge thank you to Rachel Richard, who tirelessly put up with my design and technical incompetence (I know just enough to be dangerous, which is almost worse than knowing nothing at all) to get version one off the ground. She’s silly talented (and happens to have her own photography business you should totally check out).

Version 2 is the handiwork of my friend Adam Bocik at RedWallLive. It’s going to bring some fun new features.

I hope the content can keep up with the new look, and that you keep coming back to make the conversation worthwhile. Thanks for being part of the ongoing dialog called BeyondTheRisk.

No Acting Necessary

Erik Cooper —  December 15, 2010 — 1 Comment

One of those movies where Steve Carell plays a serious character was on one of the TVs at the gym this morning. All “artists” have to do that, you know.  Branch out. Avoid type-casting. Give us material to mock later in their careers.

But even as he was channeling Charlton Heston, you could see Michael Scott in his eyes. The urge to scream “That’s what she said!” ready to explode from his lips like a two liter of Sprite and a pack of Mentos.

I think we’re all like that. Regardless of the outlet we’re given, our true essence just seems to leak through.

For 8 years I was a music pastor, my main palette of expression being a piano, songwriting, recording, and leading the creative aspects of corporate worship services at a relatively large church. Now I’m a church planter.  I speak, I write, I organize and administrate, I meet one on one with people.  The tools may have changed, but the things that are inside of me still forge their way out like a river re-routing it’s way through a canyon to the sea.

I fear it’s the same with the ugly things in us as well.

Sometimes we try to bury our sinful tendencies in new behaviors. We’ve got more reinventions than Sean Combs.  But whether it’s P. Diddy or Puff Daddy (Or Sean John? Or just Diddy?), the underlying essence is still the same. We never deal with the core.

Lust no longer manifests as a physical affair, so it emerges as an online porn addiction.

Anger stops exploding in uncontrollable rage, and re-channels into passive aggressive manipulation.

Pride steps back from self promotion, but becomes condescendingly enamored with it’s new found “humility.”

Man, we’re broken people.  And our constant attempts at self-correction just find a home in self-righteousness, and never really address the source of the problem.  We’re sinners.

So instead of remaking ourselves by recasting a new role, what if we allowed Jesus to actually make us something completely new? At the core? From the inside out?

No acting necessary.