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My Early Christmas Gift To You

Erik Cooper —  December 16, 2010 — 1 Comment

Christmas is a time for unbridled merriment and irrational joy, so today I thought I’d throw a little dose of sober in your eggnog.  Perhaps this post will earn me a visit from three spirits? We’ll see.

What does it really mean to be a follower of Jesus?

As a lifelong “churchie,” that’s a question I’ve really wrestled with.  Is Christ truly leading my life, or am I just trying to get him to come along on my journey? (After all, He is a great travel partner. I hear He has status in all the airline lounges). If you’ve followed my blog even sporadically for any length of time, this is a question you know I’m not afraid to pose.

To follow simply means to go after. To willfully submit.  To listen and respond.  Which led me to write the following question in my journal this morning:

“Is there anything God has already said to me that I’m not listening to, obeying, or that I’m rationalizing away?”

I’m spending the day with this one.  Maybe you want to join me?  It’s my early Christmas gift to you.

(If you behave, I may even let you have another lump of coal for the fire, too).

My kids rarely like to listen. (All the parents out there just perked up like their morning coffee finally kicked in). Yep, mine too. No Walt Disney animatronic perfections in the Cooper house. You mistakenly thought it was an “It’s a Small World” boat ride everyday at my place, didn’t you?

Nope.  Just lots of…




Who are a whole lot more like me than I’d like to admit.

Something major registered with me this morning as I was chiding my 8 year old up the stairs (again). “Teeth. Hair. Shoes!” Far too often, I’m not much different than they are.

Instead of listening and responding to the desires of my Heavenly Father, I choose to wait until the circumstances around me force a reaction. When the bullhorn of reality hits the threshold of pain. And far too often, avoidable chaos ensues (“seriously, you don’t have your shoes on yet?!”).

Thank God He’s far more patient than me.

How would life change if we learned to listen and immediately respond to the ever-speaking voice of our Creator (to become actual followers of Jesus), instead of waiting for the ensuing circumstances to dictate our necessary reactions?