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Let’s face it folks, turkey just isn’t very good. Yet year after year we continue to prop up this less than stellar choice of cuisine by giving it it’s own holiday.  It’s time to expose turkey for what it is: a culinary disappointment.

Turkey is to Thanksgiving what Tom Cruise is to acting.  It’s reputation far exceeds it’s deliverables. But year after year our tables are held hostage to this dry, tasteless bird, like our TV’s to the hapless Detroit Lions.  Tradition cloaks the truth.

But not anymore.  I’m taking a stand.  I’m calling the fowl foul.

Culinary design has made great strides since the Pilgrims and Indians celebrated that first Thanksgiving. There’s even an entire network committed to creative food preparation.  We can do better!  Let’s start a movement!  Where’s Guy Fieri and that white, spikey hair?

Chicken cacciatori.  Hibachi grills.  Barbecue chicken pizza.  Give us something.

This holiday needs an upgrade.  Progress.  Let’s bring taste back to Thanksgiving (and maybe some real football teams, too?).  Who’s with me?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.  Try and enjoy your bird (and the Lions).