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Just Worship (Remix)

Erik Cooper —  March 12, 2010 — Leave a comment

Sorry for another video post, but I have to put this out there.  Love bragging on other people, and my friend Mike Perez deserves some major kudos (not just for his talent, but because he embodies in his life everything he expresses in his art).

Many of you have already heard Mike’s spoken word piece “Just Worship” that he so powerfully shared at the close of our City Community Church message series called [blank] last month.  Well, Mike and one of my other favorite creatives, Adam Bocik, re-recorded the audio and set it to music along with visual images.

Enjoy…and do us a favor, pass this along to other people who need to remember what real worship is all about.  Thanks for the reminder Mike.


Erik Cooper —  March 11, 2010 — 2 Comments

Thought I’d share some fun videos from our new CityCom series: AWAKENINGS.  I doubt we’re going to win any awards, but we do like to have a good time.  Absurdity with a point we like to say.

Meet Carl.  Carl isn’t a big fan of waking up, or really of just being awake in general.

YouTube Preview Image

Even at work, he’s figured out some incredibly creative ways to stay asleep.

YouTube Preview Image

Mix in a nasty sinus infection, and Carl may never wake up ever again.

YouTube Preview Image

How about you?  What are you awakening to?

The Jingle

Erik Cooper —  April 13, 2009 — 2 Comments

Had to share a little video we put together promoting the City Community Church website.  We actually used a home video of my 3-year old son, Austin.  And he really did come up with this song totally on his own, which made using it even funnier (well, at least for me).  Forgive the editing.  Just a novice (me) experimenting with (and jealously envying) my buddy’s MAC.

YouTube Preview Image

We’re testing a bit of new technology…click the link below to hear a short message from me and Nathan about how you can help with the launch of City Community Church.

Video Message from Erik & Nathan

This is an experiment, so don’t be surprised if you have some download or buffering delay…please be patient, and let us know how it works for you!

Check out the new video promoting the launch of City Community Church:

YouTube Preview Image