Leaving the Land of “I Should”

Erik Cooper —  August 31, 2011 — Leave a comment

Life is filled with shoulds. Piles of them.

  • I should start saving some money.
  • I should really eat more green vegetables.
  • I should read the Bible.
  • I should go back and finish my degree.
  • I should spend more time with my kids.
  • I should give that business idea a try.
  • I should volunteer some time to that amazing organization.

We ponder these shoulds. Perhaps scribble them in a journal. We talk about them over venti iced lattes and strawberry smoothies. If they’re lucky, these shoulds might even find their way to our task list (where they can consistently be auto-forwarded to the next business day).

I should have time to address that “should” sometime tomorrow.

“Shoulds” are the offspring of fear and laziness, and they’re nurtured in a paralyzing love of the status quo. They become like old friends, or a world of make believe we visit when we feel like tinkering with ideas that could be, but probably never will.

What if we left this land of “I Should?” Like found our own Charlton Heston and staged an Exous? It’s a scary journey full of pitfalls, mistakes, and plenty of opportunity to look foolish. Shedding shoulds can be terrifying, but keeping them will always lead to regret.

What if we found the courage to replace “I should” with “I am?” 

Hmmmmmm. Maybe I should try that.

What kind of “shoulds” do you find yourself collecting?

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