What If You Already Have What You’re Looking For?

Erik Cooper —  July 5, 2012 — 2 Comments

He doesn’t wear skinny jeans.

He doesn’t have a soul patch.

No blog.

No Twitter account.

He’s not on Catalyst’s short list for speakers.

No congregation to call his own.

No books to his name.

His glasses aren’t all that trendy.

(Although he does still have a great head of hair).

He’s my father-inlaw – Rev. David Wigington. Former pastor. Thirty year district leader for the Indiana Assemblies of God. Bionic man (his right arm is prosthetic from the elbow down). Grandfather (we say “Pa”) to my 3 kids. And my current landlord (rent’s cheap) while we wait to move into our new house.

A few weeks ago, I was thinking through an upcoming message I was going to preach at CityCom. I was wrestling with the process, so on a whim I asked my father-in-law a question I had (embarrassingly) never thought to ask him before:

“How do you prepare your sermons?”

An hour later I had uncovered treasure – inspiration, a few practical tips, and a goldmine of stories that deepened my faith in how God works through us, as well as my respect for a man I already greatly admired.

I’ve read the books. I’ve been to the conferences. I subscribe to the blogs. I share best practices with my peers. All important and empowering things! But I never thought to explore one of my greatest assets. A man I share meals with a few times a week. A man with 40-plus years of ministry experience. A man who trusted me enough to let me marry his daughter.

Call it ignorance.

Call it stupidity.

Call it pride.

Something blinded me from a treasure that I already had. Which got me wondering:

What gifts are sitting right there in front of us that we simply can’t (or choose not to) see?

The older I get, the more I awaken to the wealth of wisdom in the people around me, and the more I regret not realizing it sooner.

Are you still looking for something you might already have? Share it below. You just might help someone else awaken to something they’re missing, too!

2 responses to What If You Already Have What You’re Looking For?

  1. What was his response? “I don’t, I just go out there.”

    Thats what Pat Schatzline said to me once. Instead of over preparing – “Let’s go out there.”

    • Haha….no, he didn’t say “just wing it.” 🙂 Talked a lot about getting inspiration from other preachers. Taking an idea and building on it. Rightly dividing the Scripture (not making it say what you want it to say). He started preaching regularly before he was even a teenager. A few good mentors that walked him through the awkward moments.

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