Be A Son, Not An Employee

Erik Cooper —  July 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

“Okay kids, I need everyone to hop up on the back of the truck and grab some boxes. Take them to whatever room is written on top.”

(Moving to a new house provides amnesty against child labor laws).

“Will you pay us money?”

My 7 year old son is always looking to strike a negotiation (some day this will work to our benefit).

“I’ve got a better idea. We’re a family. We work together because we love each other and we’re all in this together. How about I just let you continue to be a part of the fam and you jump in here and help?”

“Nah, I just want money.”

“So you’d rather me treat you like an employee instead of my son?”

“I don’t know what that means, I just want money to buy toys and video games.”

“As my son, don’t you get those things anyway?”

(The answer is yes, just not whatever and whenever he wants).

“I still want the money.”

“Just pick up a stupid box!”


Sometimes the simplest of interactions remind me of how I treat God.

I’d much rather be a son than an employee!

I’d much rather be the recipient of unearned love and favor than relate via transaction.

I’d much rather be part of a family than a workforce.

But I usually migrate towards employment. It just feels right. A transactional relationship with God provides no rest for my soul, but it does keep me in charge. My “wages” are based on my performance. My actions control my benefit. My effort triggers my payment. That way, I can be the source of my own salvation (or so I think).

We long to be sons and daughters.

We usually choose to be employees.

The only problem? God’s looking for family, and you can’t earn your way into it. It’s what He did, not what you do.

So stop trying to wheel and deal. Be a son, not an employee.

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