How To Be Confident In Any Situation

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My daughter officially hit the varsity roster on her high school basketball team this year. She’s made some huge strides for a girl who had very little playing experience until her freshman year. With summer league upon us, every Tuesday and Thursday night in June is full of “pre-season” type games, as the team knocks off the offseason rust, integrates a new crop of players, and learns to work as a team again.

I’ve been keeping the stats book for most of the games, so I get to sit close to the bench and check players in and out of the lineup. I looked up from my pencil-scratches last night to see my daughter kneeling next to me at the scoring bench.

“I’m going in for #5,” she said.

Ignoring my official duties for a few seconds of fatherly advice, I leaned into her ear and waxed some parental eloquence.

“You belong here. Go out there and act like it.”

You see, a portion of our performance isn’t talent, it’s mindset. It’s being at rest with yourself so your actions are focused outward, and aren’t all about hedging your fears and internal insecurities.

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Today, I found myself in a meeting with giants. Not literal beanstalk kind of giants. Spiritual giants. Men who have accomplished incredible feats over decades of faithful work. On my way to the meeting venue, I was feeling small. Extremely small.

What do I have to offer? What will they think of my perspectives? I don’t have the experience, the skill, or the resume. Maybe I’ll just stay quiet, nod my head, and morph my opinion to match their proposals.

I was quickly shrinking into myself, and it was no different than my daughter posting up against that six footer in the lane the night before.

That’s when I remembered my own paternal pep talk.

You belong here. Go out there and act like it.

Let’s be honest, no one likes an overconfident hack. A big mouth. A pompous blowhard. But I find that extreme timidity and fear-filled reservation are really fueled by the exact same thing:


When my focus is on me, I’m either overconfident in my ability to perform or terrified of my potential embarrassment. Either way, I am at the center. It’s like filling your camera roll with “spiritual selfies.” Life doesn’t work well when I’m constantly obsessing over who I am.

For believers in Jesus Christ, our identity was settled at “it is finished.” That’s freedom my friends. Freedom from the tyranny of me. Freedom to walk into any room at complete rest and peace with who you are. If everything I need in Christ I already have, then I can engage anyone – from the Pope to the homeless guy on the street – with a boldness birthed in love. The gospel is the only source of this kind of confidence.

“All of our praise rises to the One who is strong enough to make you strong…”
–Romans 16:25

You belong here. Go out there and act like it.

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  1. Really appreciated this post, particularly the affirmation: “You belong here. Go out there and act like it.” – That’s really empowering and a great thing to remember to say to ourselves, especially when we’re meeting with people who we may find intimidating.

    There are some more confident tips here which your readers may enjoy:

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