Hazardous Substances Indemnity Agreement

April 9, 2021

Fredric L. AltschulerSenior CounselT. 1,212,504 6525fredric.altschuler@cwt.com Across the real estate sector, Opco/Propco structures continue to be used as a method of debt collection relative to a company`s real estate assets. This article examines the key issues that a lender should consider when reviewing Opco/Propco financing as part of the credit assessment and potential exit strategies. For the start of 2019, we look forward to the outlook for 2020 and the new decade. Understanding the nuances of confidentiality rules in leases will be essential for customers to be well treated and lenders to be successful in executing them. Matthew Robertson PartnerT. 1 704 348 5257matthew.robertson@cwt.com Alan W. LawrencePartnerT. 212 504 6332alan.lawrence@cwt.com Duncan HubbardPartnerT. (0) 20 7170 8525duncan.hubbard@cwt.com Steven M. HermanPartnerT. 212 504 6054steven.herman@cwt.com Christopher J.

DicksonPartnerT. 1 704 348 5159christopher.dickson@cwt.com Melissa C. HinklePartnerT. 212 504 6972melissa.hinkle@cwt.com Holly Marcille ChamberlainPartnerT. 1 704 348 5121holly.chamberlain@cwt.com . William P. McInerneyPartnerT. 212 504 6118william.mcinerney@cwt.com Jeremy CrossPartnerT. Cadwaladers PromotionsRunde 8530jeremy.cross@cwt.com 2020 included members of our global real estate team.