Learning Agreement Zhdk

April 10, 2021

Please send applications by mail to international office or to the following address: international.office@zhdk.ch Zurich Higher School of the Arts, International Office, Christine Hofstetter, P.O. Box, 8031 Zurich, Switzerland When a student is admitted as an exchange student at the HKB, he automatically receives the Swiss-European Mobility Programme SEMP scholarship amounting to CHF 1900/2200.- per semester (depending on the origin of the university of origin). . Deadline for submission: fall semester April 1 /spring semester October 1st Address BernUniversity der Konste International Office Fellerstrasse 11 CH-3027 Bern Registration for the reception of the stream: About 4-6 weeks after the deadline for submitting applications. After April 15, all applications will be reviewed by program directors. Students will be informed of the decision by email 6-8 weeks later. . Students must apply on our online application portal Moveon and post their cover letter, CV and transcript The Zurich High School of the Arts offers German courses for foreign language students. For exchange students, classes are free. Students are not required to complete a learning agreement as part of their application. It is only after an exchange place at the HKB that the Erasmus programme does not apply to Switzerland.

Instead, the Swiss Mobility (SEMP) programme is available to Swiss universities. This allows students from European partner universities to study at the ZHdK for a period of three to twelve months. For the duration of their stay, students receive a mobility grant funded by the Swiss State. Exchange students are exempt from all course fees at the ZHdK. An exchange is for a minimum duration of three months or a full semester and must not exceed twelve months, including the duration of language training. Typically, five months of SEMP scholarships are paid per semester. The mobility exchange of CHF 360 or CHF 420 per month (depending on the country of origin) is not a complete scholarship. It is used to cover the increase in the cost of living in the host country and is paid in cash to students who arrive in part at the beginning, partly at the end of a semester. The portfolio or music recordings must be sent separately to international@hkb.bfh.ch (if the file is too large to be emailed, please use WeTransfer, YouTube, Dropbox, etc.). All student candidates must be nominated by the international coordinators of their home institutions.