Passive Agreement Speech Topics

April 11, 2021

To better illustrate compelling vocal topics, watch these videos and try to understand why these are great examples of compelling speeches. The subject is very common — who is a hero — but the mania is brilliant. The speaker attracts attention with accessories such as a coat and sticker. They are both funny and important, because they illustrate what he is talking about. His persuasive speech is mostly emotional (rich in pathos). He uses several dictionary definitions, but the essence of his speech is simple and emotionally speaking appealing to all. However, he introduced a thesis and a roadmap to guide his audience. The listener can easily refer to his ideas, because he makes available his personal story of “hero” and associates each ordinary person with this concept of hero. This discourse is less emotional and more logo-oriented.

It contains many scientific facts and arguments, so that even non-emotional listeners can tell and appreciate what is being said. The moderator is probably not as good at theatrical tricks and emotionally charged persuasive topics. He relies on good old logic and authority (Ethos) to convince his listeners of the negative effects of hot dogs as junk food. The video is a great example of persuasive language topics and the moderator is doing really well. The subject is quite original – Trump as a bikini model is something different – and the presenter plays it cool. You and other girls can refer to a hidden message of unrealistic body standards, and boys can have a good laugh, just imagine this “model”. This absurd combination makes the subject really ridiculous – and indicates more subtle implications. The facilitator has a clear thesis and three strong arguments that she supports through her argument and her evidence.

This theme is well-worn, but the host does his best to immerse his audience in the place of an accident and give them chills about what is going on. This strong emotional and picturesque load really strikes the human mind, so that the main point cannot be transmitted. Do you want to present as well? Choose from the compelling language ideas below and be a star on the class scene. Write research paper? See our list of 667 research topics. For example, a student gave a speech in one of our classes about flossing teeth.